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Face Fitness Formula Is Ranked by As The #1 Most Popular Face-Sculpting Program Since 2006.

If you are skeptical if the Face Fitness Formula will work for you, just take a look at these amazing before and after transformation results from real people who got rid of their chubby cheeks and double chin by making few tweaks in their lifestyle.


Hi John, thank you and your staff for the amazing 30 day program for Face Fitness Formula. I have seen results in just less then three weeks time and I have lost face fat… my face fells firmer and looks healthier.

I would recommend this 30 day program to anyone who is serious about there looks and want the results this program has to offer. I truly love the results I am getting and better then that the program offers planned menus for you to lose body weight as well. This program is worth investing in.

Thank you again John.

Kim Patton – USA
[email protected]

It really works!! As you can see from my photo’s above, (still need more work on my smile) I have successfully lose facial fat around almost all of my chin and my puffy cheeks.

Within about 4.5 weeks of using the Face Fitness Formula I realized how lucky I was to have stumble upon this product. It really solved my problem of having facial fat (so now my face look so much better and much more attractive with a more defined jawline, I also look good in photos as well).


– Dan Vo – Australia


“I have to admit, I didn’t want to believe that this program would work.  I was skeptical big time, and almost had to force myself into buying it.  But I’m glad I did…only 3 weeks into the program and I am looking way much better!”

Tamara – Lithuania

“Hi John – Just wanted to send you my before and after as promised.  AS you can see, my double chin sucked!  I hated every picture I ever saw…I ran away from the camera all the time!  Not anymore, and thanks to your program.  God bless and sorry for the bad quality of my web camera!”

Andy K. – Bristol, UK



“The exercises are nothing like the ones I had tried in the past.  I had used all the free samples I found online, but nothing made the different like the ones from this program.  Thanks!”

Mary L. – Arizona, USA

“John – check out the before and after and look my chin!!!  Your program was easy and effective, and I’m sorry for all the questions I asked while going through the program.  But I do appreciate you helping me through the way, and thanks again”

Samantha W. – Ohio, USA



“I applied the techniques and exercises and the results I’ve seen have completely changed my life!”

Luwanna K.


“After using John’s program, my friends were amazed at the difference, and I could hardly believe it either.”

– Steve M. – Newcastle, UK


“I did these exercises consistently and got amazing results. John, my after picture is after 7 weeks of using your program, but I did start to see results after 3 weeks. Thanks so much best money I’ve ever spent.”

Joanne A – Sweeden


“I was always skinny and had a terrible double chin. If I lost any more weight, I would look like a skeleton! Thanks for your product, it was a life-change for me. I have no problem if you showed my pics on your site.”

– Cindy B. – Australia


“I took a picture just as John suggested before I started the program and then took another picture about 6 weeks later. I knewthere was a difference but I didn’t realize just how much until I saw the two pictures together”

– Diane R.  (USA)


“I have been using your program for 3 months and today I am happy to send you my before and after photos. Thank you for your wonderful program!”

– Julia – USA

Still Skeptical?

24,000+ People Can't Be Wrong!

Face Fitness Formula Is Ranked by As The #1 Most Popular Face-Sculpting Program Since 2006.

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The Face Fitness Center was co-founded in 2006 by John Socratous and provides everything you need to get a leaner, sexier, and younger looking face – naturally!

Our all-natural products can help you to lose chubby cheeks and double chin, get a stronger facial definition, remove dark circles and puffy eyes, lift your eyebrows and eyelids, and carve a chiseled jawline.

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