Face Exercise #1 of 40 – The Cheek Fat-Flattener

Posted by John on February 6, 2009
By John Socratous, author of Face Fitness Formula program that has helped over 24,000 people, get chiseled jawline and get rid of their chubby cheeks and double chin without surgery.
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cheek-fat-flattenerGet rid of those chubby cheeks and sculpt the contours of your face

The video exercise below is very effective in sculpting away your chubby cheeks and stretching and elongating your facial muscles and contours.

The Cheek Fat-Flattener may take a little getting-used-to at first, but is one of the quickest ways to lose that stubborn face fat!


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If you want to stop guessing what kind of diet to follow or guessing which exercises you need to learn how to lose cheeks fat, and you want an effective and easy to follow, step by step plan, then you should check out the Face Fitness Formula.

lose face fat

I promise guarantee, you won’t be disappointed!



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50 responses to “Face Exercise #1 of 40 – The Cheek Fat-Flattener”

  1. Dorcus says:

    Thanx so much John for those steps leading me to retain my beauty by losing the irritating face fat.am loving th exercizs en hoping 2c th results soon.Now dear friend help me wit this…how often am I suposed 2do th exercises in order 2attain fast results.thanx once again

  2. camille says:

    Hi, just wanted to let you know, i have tried the exercises in the free video for 3 days….i do not know if this is wishful thinking, but i feel a difference already. The heaviness that i felt on my cheeks and under my chin has decreased considerably. If is not very noticeable yet…..but I believe it will be soon!

  3. Mishfiq says:

    THis is a very effective way to change your appearance try it, it certainly worked for me

  4. Alec says:

    Awesome exercise! Really sore afterwords! Thanks John

  5. Dana says:

    Hi John,
    thank you so much for the Video. I can feel it. I have tried several and really getting dicouraged. I am hoping this one works. I am more worried about wrinkles and bags under my eyes. Is this part of your video that you sell?
    thank you Dana

  6. ayesha says:

    thanks for the exercise john…l hope it works

  7. sandra says:

    Thank You very much !
    I like it .

  8. ravi says:

    thanks for the exercise,hope this will help,cant wait to try it,thank you

  9. kinga says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to try this exercise. It was interesting to try it and also effective. I'm looking forward for the next one.
    Although, I don't have chubby face but I would be really interesting in anti aging exercises for winkles.. Thank you!

  10. Fatima says:

    Hi John, very excited to start,cant wait to see results and winning back my confidence.
    Thank you for the video it is appreciated

  11. zipiane says:

    Wow thanks John for sending this vide.Gotta try this. Think this would be fun cos i can still do surfing the net while doing this and i feel the burning in my cheeks. Awesome john keep it up. You were God-sent frOm heaven to help chubby faces like me hehe. Keep sending videos. It realy help. Thanks!

  12. deepali says:

    wll try this nd will let you knw how effective it was

  13. Ellen says:

    Thanks for this exercise. I don't really have chubby cheeks though. I have a double chin which I was born with

  14. WASIF says:

    hi.john., THANK U vry much for subscribing us to ur program…i m eager to to loose the fat n to get a defined jaw line….waiting to do all ur prescribed exercise…….n how much time it will take to see the affect…

  15. Masooma says:

    hey! thanks john. I am anxiously waiting for the next excercise.

  16. mona_H says:

    hello john ! thanks for sending the exercises.. but i was wondering should i be in a diet programs? if i want to lose my chubby cheeks .. because my wight is 43 and i don't want to lose some wight … i just want to get rid of my chubby cheeks witch they don't match my body!! so is the exercises will do the work ?

    • john_socratous says:

      A "diet" program doesn't necessarily mean it's a program that will make you lose body weight. It can mean it's just a nutritional plan or food plan. That's what it means when I say "diet" plan. Hope that makes sense.

  17. janine says:

    thank you !!

  18. sherree vassell says:

    Hey John thanks i feel it working already im gonna keep at it and see how it work for me

  19. BJ Wells says:

    These are wonderful exercises. I like the way that you present them and I like that you continue to
    motivate by adding just one more exercise to get bigger and better results. I have forgotten to do my exercise
    once or twice and each time you send another exercise to get me excited and motivated all over again.

  20. Jan says:

    Hi John, Just watched the video and tried it, I like it very much hopefully it will work, Thanks

  21. facefat5 says:

    hey,thanks,i tried some of your exercises just 3 days before, it is starting to work, i am starting to lose cheek fat..thank you so much for the exercises

  22. Pat says:

    Seems too easy. How can I tell if I am doing it correctly.

  23. Dr.Leena Balani says:

    Good one.I have started working on it

  24. Tara (TMcC) says:

    Hi John,
    THANKS! this really helps! but when will i notice results?

    • john_socratous says:

      Hey Tara, you are welcome! This is just a sample from my program, but you should at least FEEL how it works. πŸ™‚

  25. Dee says:

    Thanks John for sending this video. But How often can we do this exercise?

    • john_socratous says:

      You can do it a few times a day. Thanks for stopping by!

    • jenny says:

      hello john ! thanks for sending the exercises.. but i was wondering should i be in a diet programs? if i want to lose my chubby cheeks .. because my wight is 43 and i don't want to lose some wight … i just want to get rid of my chubby cheeks witch they don't match my body!! so is the exercises will do the work ?

      • john_socratous says:

        Hi Jenny – We do recommend you eat certain foods and talk about that throughout our articles and also if you are a subscriber to our mailing list we send out some useful food tips as well. The Face Fitness Formula has a complete daily food menu and diet program, but we don't think of it as a "diet"…it's more of a menu or system for eating πŸ™‚

  26. gorgeous_yt says:

    i have been trying this exercise from past week…. can u plzz tell when a change cud b seen?? :

    • john_socratous says:

      Hi – This exercise isn't meant to make big changes. It's just a sample of my program. Think of it this way…if you want to be a body builder, would you get there by doing just one exercise, every day, and not following any other exercises, programs, or diet programs? Nope! I do hope you like the exercise though! Watch out for your emails, I'll send you some more videos and stuff too.

  27. Laura Mare says:

    Hello John,I did it once and it hurts,I'm sure it takes time for seeing results ! You did it too ? because I saw your picture from facebook (if it is YOUR picture) and you look great!!! :-))) Thank you for sending the exercises !!!

  28. Antonela says:

    yuhu tnx can't wait for the next exercise :* πŸ˜€

  29. Sheetal says:

    i started this today cant wait for the result and am encouraged to think i need not accept facial fat as something i can do nothing about!

  30. Mohua says:

    Thanks john for mailing me this video!!! Waiting 4 d nxt 1….

  31. Linda says:

    Thanks for this easy exercise. I find myself wanting to do it several times a day.

  32. john_socratous says:

    If you subscribed to my mailing list, keep an eye on your inbox!

  33. john_socratous says:

    Thanks Cheryl – This is just a sample exercise, but with my full program people see a different within 2 weeks.

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