4 Proven Face Exercises That Work!

Posted by John on June 21, 2008
By John Socratous, author of Face Fitness Formula program that has helped over 24,000 people, get chiseled jawline and get rid of their chubby cheeks and double chin without surgery.
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4-proven-face-exercisesWhen I first stumbled upon face exercises, I had already been burnt by numerous expensive and time-consuming diets, fancy gadgets and endless fat-reduction theories.

None of which were even half as effective as they claimed to be.

And so, I was already a little wary about this relatively unheard-ofΒ  way of toning my facial muscles, deeming it to be more of a hoax than a reliable, and effective, technique.

But to my surprise, the results I achieved with a thorough and regular facial workout regime and a moderated diet were nothing short of astounding!

Even better, I didn’t have to spend a dime on equipment and laborious exercise videos, or even devote more than a few minutes every day towards face exercises.

To show you just how simple face exercises can be, I compiled a list of the top four exercises that seemed the simplest to follow, but worked the best for me…


Face Exercise #1


Sit up straight and drop your lower jaw.

Now, push your jaw outwards, as far as it will go until you feel a
tension build up in your cheeks, near your ears.

Hold this position for 10 seconds and then draw your jaw inwards.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Below is an example to understand this face exercise better:



Face Exercise #2


With your mouth closed, smile as wide as you can without parting your lips.

Hold for 10 seconds and then relax your lips.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.


Face Exercise #3


Stretch out your neck as far behind as it will go. Then, without changing the position of your head, open mouth and then close it slowly feeling the tension build in the muscles of your neck and lower chin.

Hold for 10 seconds.

Repeat this exercise 5 times.


Face Exercise #4


When sitting upright, stick your tongue out and try to reach your chin with the tip of your tongue.

Hold this position for 10 seconds and then release.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.

You should feel a slight tug just under the apples of your cheeks.


The best part about most of my face exercises is that you don’t need to have a special place, or a special time of the day to practice them at. For instance, on most days, I would work my face out when driving to work, between traffic lights, or even while working at my computer.

OK, of course I don’t practice “Face Exercise 4” out in public because this might make people think that I’m a bit crazy, don’t you think? lol πŸ™‚

I also found that the effectiveness of these face exercises increased nearly tenfold when I combined them with a moderated, well-balanced dietary regime.

In fact, I was able to progress from chipmunk cheeks to a toned and sculpted face in as little as 30 days! And this is what I have detailed in my Face Fitness Formula.

Face Fitness Formula also includes a comprehensive collection of 40 powerful face exercises and a nourishing, strategic 30-day dietary plan…

A combination which brings results as dramatic as face-surgery, without the painful side-effects and alarming expenses!

If you are tired of eccentric fitness programs, near-starvation diets and want a simple, easy-to-follow solution which guarantees results, I highly recommend you click here and check it out

Talk to you soon!

Your friend,


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252 responses to “4 Proven Face Exercises That Work!”

  1. saurav kumar says:

    Frnds my chick has become a bit fat bcozzz of medicine reaction…. Will these exercise be effective for me….???

  2. Abhiram Msd says:

    How many times can I do a day??? Reply please?

  3. Shilpa says:

    looking good and after doing first time felt very positive.Please send more tips to reduce chin fat as well face.

  4. Anuja Sen says:

    I just wanted to ask whether these exercises would change the shape of my lips??? Please reply πŸ™‚

  5. Poo says:

    Bt do dese exercises really work??

  6. Kiran says:

    brilliant tips!

  7. Jack says:

    If we always do these 4 exercise would our cheek fat go and also for how long

    • john_socratous says:

      Hi Jack – These are just samples so you can get the feel of these types of exercises. We would recommend you follow our full program for best results πŸ™‚

  8. jessa mae says:

    Effective, great!

  9. Rhea says:

    Hi, thank u soo much.hope it works

  10. Max says:

    I'm going to try this, hope it works!

  11. ayesha says:

    would only 4 excercises be enough?

  12. rana says:

     It seems to be effective lets see after working out.Anyways thanks for the video              

  13. Memi Guha19 says:

    just go through these 4ways of losing face fat…..its really easy…..i just like it…ppl who already have a chisel shaped face they dont need to watch it….work it out….

  14. Sinharich says:

     keep letting the world about these exercises…trsust me you are improving the self=confidence of many weary people out there…….

  15. thanks john for this simple face exercise.. please keep mailing face exercises.. im so happy my friends notice a change in my face now..

  16. Aarish_emo says:

    i like this easy exercise and i do any time when i was free

  17. Dora Dias says:

    I am very happy with my results, this is my third week practicing the exercises and my face has changed alot. I love the new me

  18. chioma says:

    these four face exercises are really marvelous!

  19. Azza Mahmoud says:

    easy exercises ,I'll begin to practice as soon as possible & hope I can tell you the results too.

  20. Michele says:

    I thought this to be informative, I am going to try this and see if it really works.Thank you !

  21. Sukanya shinde says:

    thx john, it works. n i can see d differnce within 3 days. u rock..!

  22. rejin says:

    awsome exercise i was about 2 loose my face structure but den trying diz helped me maintain it thanx

  23. sam says:

    hello!!!mst say superb exercises i have tried them while i was reading them n i could really feel them thanx buddy hope 2 get da fine rzlts n soon.i'ii b really g8ful 2 u if i got da rzlts keep sending me more 4m ur treasure of face fitness i would luv 2 know more i want 2 change my facial looks n overall body image in a gud way so when i go back home after 4 months i could surprise my family i'm actually a student n live in a hostel i hope u'll definately help me to loose my weight also.GOD BLESS U TAKE CARE.i'll definitely keep on posting u

  24. Lana says:

    I did the excersise what Mr. John sent me and i can feel how all my face musles are really works. And i believe that it will work. Its the same as if you do any body exersise – when you feel the musles pain that means it work.

    Thanks Mr. John

  25. Humera says:

    awesome, i have just started doing for 2 weeks and already can see the difference. send me more excercises please – many thanks

  26. janet says:

    Thnks John,your face exercise look simple n easy.i will try these everyday.can't wait to see d result.thanks

  27. melody says:

    Hi John,

    Thank you so much for these very helpful tips.I hope you won't get tired of sending us more face exercises.Thanks!

  28. Mohammed Shajir says:

    I beleave this is very effective,Simple and Enjoyable.

  29. tina says:

    thank you very much it is easy and the execrise can be done at any time thank you once again

  30. Finlay Mahoney says:

    Do you have any more chin exercises? I've just got my hair cut a bit shorter than I would like- it's a bit like Trinity out of the matrix- so it's showing off a little bit of chin flab… help?

  31. Finlay Mahoney says:

    All your tips are very good, and the stuff I got on the e-book is more than worth every penny, thank you! Look at all the people you've got commenting! I'm imagining loads of cute chipmunk faces sticking out their tongues! I won't be able to get that image out of my head now πŸ˜€ Thanks John, all the tips and support have been wonderful, can't wait for 28 days time!

  32. pearl says:

    thank you john, although i have just started

    i can feel the tension building up my cheeks n jawline.

    please keep mailing me all those videos and information regarding face fat.

  33. wajiha says:

    how many times a day should i do the above four exercises ? i hope it will work .

  34. mahrina says:

    wow very nice I will start it from now just tell me that how many time we have to do these 4 exercises and how many days. and even if I get good result. can I stop it and if I stop will my cheeks become chubby again.please let me know and reply me on my email.

  35. steph says:

    Thank a lot! Send me more exercises, please. Tank you

  36. honey says:


    thnx a lottt…

  37. kelsie says:

    dis is awesome lolz…i think i'll try it and see if it works..i have a skinny body, but really chubby cheeks lolx

  38. azra says:

    thanks,i will try and hope to get good results

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    this exercises r amazing …..pls send me more beauty tips:)

  40. saloni says:

    thid exercises r amazing …..pls send me more beauty tips:)

  41. saloni says:

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  42. Sally says:

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    thank you for telling me the tips and please keep on sending me the tips they are really helpful and soon i will tell you the result

  44. kitty says:

    hi thanks its nice exercise i hope get more

  45. victoria says:

    Dear Friend,

    I turn 47 Sunday ! I am very young looking, but I am starting to see a few changes, HARK !! I found your page and I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for posting this with the lovely gal showing how to do these exercises!

    For a year now, I have been searching for these exercises, and they all cost money.

    Thank you so very much !!

    bug hug,


  46. Raja says:

    Dear John

    thanks you for the face excercises they are really simple and we can do it ease and even in work place

    will start trying from toaday and see

    thanks keep sending such kind of simple tips


  47. sheila says:

    thanks a lot am really going to try it out and hope it works need help for the chuby cxheeks

  48. Yogi says:

    simple , nice, easy and effective.

  49. ROBY says:

    thanks alot for your e.mail with its useful content.

    my problem is not to be sexy, but am asocial worker and doctor, at 30 but my double chin add about 5 or more years.

    so, i need to get in my suit image,

    i do daily exercise and control my food content of sweets and starch and i will stick to your exercise ..

    i will tell u about the result, and

    thank u any way


  50. Kirti says:

    Hi John,

    Nice to see such simple & easy exercises. pl keep sending updates, I'll definately get back to you with the results.

    Keep Rocking πŸ™‚

  51. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Jhon:

    It is really wonderful to hear from you again and again. Your Tips make wonders. They are simple and very effective. You are amazing and I can not thank you enough.


    With Warmest Regards,

    Elizabeth T.

  52. SHERRY says:

    I just Started to do thing here ,I feel some tension to my face after doing some few exercises,Ill get back to you as soon as It on works on me.


  53. diana says:

    that really sound too…………………… good for me , i will really try them and get back to u soon.

  54. Zeren says:

    It is very interesting and thank you for your kind concern, I will try all those exersise and reply you.

    Thank you


  55. chander says:

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  56. terry says:

    hi!! thnks…i like it …pls send me more ok ….

  57. jay says:

    thx so much john for the tips, i have fat cheeks and i really want to get rid of them!!! pls continue to send me exercises…ur a life saver:)

  58. maikya says:

    hi john,

    i did these exercises before n could not find much help for me.i practiced face yoga which includes these exercises n some more for couple of months. ur the lost hope,any way ill do start again n see.

  59. josh says:

    thanks, these exercises are very simple.

  60. maria says:

    my dear John, thanks for the tips.I would definitely try the face exercise.But what if i don't do diet and body exercise, is the face exercise is effective or not?can u please email to me or answer to this question, please…?

  61. Connie says:

    Thanks. I can feel these working. Anxious to try the whole program asap. Going to take a picture tonight so I can compare! Thx

  62. pranali says:

    thank you very much. People manytimes say that I have a nice smile with quite dimples. But when I look at my image in the mirror, I really doubt about their compliments. I know, that's all due to my chubby chicks. I will definitely try out these exercises.I am waiting for that day, when I will start trust those compliments. Hey john, but when I will lose chubby chicks, will I be at the risk of losing my cute dimples also??? please… please… reply

  63. Neneng says:

    Thanks alot…Am doing this exercises regularly and I feel my chin has firmed. It makes me feel better and look younger

  64. pramukh says:


  65. swati gore says:

    hey thanks for these excersize. i also want to excersize for chubby cheeks please send me the mail. Thank you so much once again.

    warm regards;


  66. Beverly says:

    thank you for this formula. I will keep this in mind and of course I will do it.

  67. anamika says:

    Its very simple exercise n its effective i can feel it after one time.And i can do it any time and anywhere.

  68. harshad says:

    thank you jhon my face small changes

  69. imtias says:

    thax john. it's really excellent…gre8 job

  70. sumithra says:

    Thanks a lot. Very effective exercise programs.Pls send me more double chin reducing exercises.

  71. maru says:

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    Thanks John for the simple and easy exercise

  73. Dan says:

    I am planning to trying Out these Exercises. Hopefully i will get the results as read.. Thank You

  74. Prerit says:

    Thanx for these easy exercises.


  75. celia says:

    hi john.. thanks for showing the face tips.

    i will do these exercise everyday…

    hope it works!! ^^

  76. ambreen says:

    I find these exercises quite interesting and would like to try them .i'll surely inform u about the result.thanks

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    thank u john i want more tips

  80. AnasKhan says:

    yes,it works.first i thought that it might be a joke or something fake but it really works.I got many benifits:-








    8)…..and many many.Thanks To You Mr.JOHN.


  81. cliferd says:

    thanks john your exercise helping me lot basically i love sports but due to hair fracture in my heel bone i was unable to do any activity once again i thanks you sending me such simple exercise which i can do any time hope i will get result in few days

  82. maria says:

    thank you for telling me the tips and please keep on sending me the tips they are really helpful and soon i will tell you the result . take care

  83. suman says:

    thanks jhon,

    wish u a very happy and prosperous '2009'.i have been doin these exercises for quite some time now…i can really feel the difference….please send me more face fat reducing exercises…

  84. arshiya says:

    thank u soooooooooo much john for sndng me dat exercises.frm nw onwrds i"ll start dng dat .its very easy n simple to do..n john let me knw sme mre exercise relatng 2 fat cheek n double chin problem so kp frwdng me….i was nt at al knwng ny face exercise u made me thought thankx yaar..n kp frwdng me solutn fr dark circle under eye problm.gdnt..tkcre,babye………..

  85. Chithra says:

    Tnx John. These exercises look really simple and tried them. Am feeling the tension on my cheeks. hence should work. but let me know how long will it take to show results? Mine is a very round face with chubby and saggy cheeks and double chin.

  86. isha says:

    Hi, tks for the tips…will try to do this exercises daily plz send me more face fat reduce excercises. thanx

  87. neha says:

    hi,i m new to this website i m very much curious to see if they work i just hope tht it will give me the positive result

  88. dr.saher says:

    thnks these excersises are really helping me out.send me more

  89. susmitha says:


    thanks for sending me this useful tip and send me more tips.i will observe it and sent my another comment after 30 days.

  90. Mario says:

    Thank you so much John for sending me this four face exercises. I havnt been able ot log on to my email because I've been very busy lately, thus meaning that i havn't been able to check all the emails that you have sent me, but i should be able to do it now that the holidays are over.

    Thank you so much John!!!

  91. shyamala says:

    thanks john…tat was really nice of u….

  92. tania says:

    i ve tried everythin possible hopefully this wrks for me .. thanks

  93. renu says:

    hey john,

    its been a month that i've got your mail and only started the exercise just two days before.While am doing the exercise i can feel the tension in my face and believe me am lovin it.

    so c u after 30days with the result

  94. Sofia says:

    Cool:) bye bye face fat, but for how long until see any different? like a month everyday or what…

  95. siddesh says:

    I've just statrted hthese exercises and already i am having a lot of changes.




  96. William says:

    These four are some of my favorites from the Face Fitness Formula. They're very invigorating, yet simple, and just one portion of a huge batch of other excellent facial exercises from the program.

    John, your program has done a lot for me. Thank you!

  97. sujata says:

    thank you so much! Please keep on sending me beauty tips…it really helps! & these are very effective plz send me more face fat reduce excercises. thanx to john

  98. Sandy says:

    Hey Jon……Your face exercises are really amazing and i am very much this will help me to get that slim face. I have started with these exercises and have started getting the result.

    Thank You.

  99. Blues says:

    Thank you. Nice n easy exercises. I can feel that these will be really helpful. If possible send me more exercises for fat burning aroun thighs and abdomen area

  100. shonu says:

    Thank you very much for your valuable tips keep sendind this type of beauty tips for me.

  101. Karthick says:

    Hey John,

    These exercises seems to be simple and can be practiced whenever I feel dumb and dull. The best part is that it can be practiced whenever you like because it don't need a special time πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your help.


  102. mohseena says:

    thanks 4 providing timesaving exercise .these excercise really made some tenstion around neck and cheek .

  103. sapna says:

    hi john,thanks for discovering this magic for us this is realy very usefull for us to lose face fat.thank u once again

  104. Tom RotheeftMof says:

    First of all congratulation for such a great site. I learned a lot reading article here today. I will make sure i visit this site once a day so i can learn more.

  105. Beena Singh says:

    well i think ur excercise will definately help me,its really very simple nd i can do it at anytime nd anywhere.but there is a question in my heart,will it really work?i hav a chubby cheek nd i want to get rid of it as soon as possible cn u plz tell me some more excercise nd tips?
    thanx a lot…………….

  106. manjusha says:

    I’ve started doing these exercises.I’ll let you know when i see some change.send more exercises… thanks.

  107. suma says:

    Hi John

    sorry 4 d late replay, m just starting all these workouts will mail u later abt 2 tell how s d effect.anyway thank u soo much…


  108. malou says:

    hi this is the first time i will do the exercise in my entire life…and i like it because the exercise is really easy to follow…even y children can do it…it’s great!

  109. dilpreet says:

    thnx alot man….
    il surely try des…

  110. vartika says:

    there exercises seems to b interestng….bu i wanna ask one hing does face fat is related to ur body weight ??? lets see hw dese works i will keep updating ..

  111. Maitree says:

    Hello John..

    Thank u so much for such a wonderful and easy to follow face fat loss exercise….

    I will follow the same and get back to u in 30 days with results… plz do keep sending me such helpful tips….. bye take care

  112. Stephanie says:

    thanks i can really feel it!!

  113. Chanda says:

    They r good exercise n its been jst 3 days now i am doing these exercise n hoping it will give me what i am loking for.Great job.

  114. arshiya says:

    i feel its really working thanks a lot for sending me so much of information

  115. bindu says:

    hi john i felt very nice by doing these exercises thank u so much john.plz send more exercises

  116. kaneez says:

    thank u so much
    il surely try this
    can u pls suggest me something for weight loss plssss……..

  117. Pria says:

    Thanks. Quite simple exercises, plannin to try it. Hope it works πŸ™‚

  118. deepali says:

    these exercises really do work

  119. ashu says:

    thanks mr.john…let me try these simple exercises.how long will it take?

  120. prakash says:

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    pl keep sending up dates.

  121. riddhima says:

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  122. venus says:

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  123. JAYASHREE says:


  124. Veeronica says:

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  125. rashida says:

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  126. pooja says:


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    thank you very much

  127. faisal says:

    hi john how are you my problem is my jaws

    are very wide please help me out of this

  128. faisal says:

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    all these exercises r quit easyy n seems effective i'll definately try them but i can't afford to buy this Thank you so much for all u attention

  130. chytra says:

    i saw these exercises before on ur website…they are good….

  131. Hootashni says:

    Hi John,

    Thnks 4ze tips,i'l try zem n tell u ze results..

  132. devi says:

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  133. NUPUR says:

    Thanks a lot for the exercises.

    Please let me know the workouts, I can reduce my double chin with.



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    do u know any harder to try

  135. Nikita Malik says:

    Hi John,

    These exercises look really simple yet effective . You have done the world a great deal of favor by introducing these exercises.What everyone needs to realise is that we need to explore the basics rather than getting mesmerised by technology.I will be really grateful if you send me more updates.

    Thank you again.

    Thank you again

  136. Nishaat Choonara says:

    Hello John. Thank you for the 4 face exercises with demonstrations, I practised them immediately while reading and felt them working in the intended areas. Absolutely fabulous! Thanks again:-D

  137. Kevin says:

    I can feel it working and I will continue to apply these face workouts during the day.

  138. shark says:

    yo john…its really work to me…i can feel the diffrence…thankz bro..

  139. ARasu says:

    ya this is a very simple exercise

  140. antonette says:

    i hope that you would send me more of these exercises soon..tnx!

  141. antonette says:

    your exercises were great… i can really feel the muscles of my face during the exercise… pls send me more… thanks a lot

  142. Oscar says:

    Hi! Now this is exciting! Hope this works on me! If i may ask, any face exercise to eliminate eyebags please?! Thanks and more power!

  143. Pradeep says:

    Thank you so much for these exercises..they are simple to do and can be done anytime of the day.

  144. Selene says:

    Well,John I will follow your 4 exercises tips and hoping to have results from it.

    Thank You

  145. Aminah says:

    hey thanx.i guess it is flexible and easy to follow.i hop it works for me coz am desperate.thanx

  146. aruuuu says:

    hi john,does these exercises cause wrinkels?also protein make ur cheeks fat?

  147. aruuuu says:

    hi john,m really depressed cauz of ma fat face n thin body,m doing weight training to gain weight but again ma cheeks r blowing up,by the way how much does ur book cost in indian rupees?n also i heard the exercises for face makes wrinkels is it true?"

  148. Olivia says:

    Dear John,

    Thanks for sending me the face exercise.

    Today I trying and I will let you know in 30 days.



  149. Ramkumar says:

    Thanks for your mails with the suggested exercises.

    Will get back once I start doing th exercise regularly and see the reslts. Thanks once again for your mails

    Best regards

  150. ravi says:

    thanx dude, I will try these out.

  151. Asha says:

    naice exercises please send me more!!!!!!!!

  152. nihir Dave says:

    Good, its really work.

  153. rajsekhar says:

    I think this exercises are good enough to reduce fat from face rather than going for cosmatic surgury.

  154. doryn says:


    alot has been said but its fantastic work,and easy to understand really,thankx alot.doryn

  155. leera john says:


    These exercises seem simple enough.

    I intend to try them as often as I can.

    Thanks for the help.


  156. jas says:

    good experience

  157. suganthi says:

    Gud work. Pls continue to help those who are fighting to look better

  158. suganthi says:

    John. Thank you very much..It's vry helpful and easier to follow with the demo. Contihnue th gud work.

  159. dev says:

    john thanks let me know of some more exercise thanks alot

  160. gabriel says:

    thank you, i'm sure this will give me satisfying results………. thanks

  161. Poonam says:

    Thank you so much for helping me lose face fat

  162. Dina says:

    Thank you very much. I really hope it will work for me. having a sexy jawline and higher cheekbone

    without having that chubby cheeks is a real dream, hope it will come true with your tips;)

  163. annie says:

    I've always wondered if there are any facial exercises that would work and thankx for this help that has just come at the right time.Please keep me posted with more.

  164. Pradeep says:


    Thanks the face muscles acutally get the pain and pressure.


  165. Barkha jain says:

    Thanx for sending me the mail with various face exercises.Let me first try these exercises and then i will let u know about the result.

    Thanks & Regards

  166. no cheekbones says:

    thanks, ill try them and get back to you in 30 days time πŸ™‚

  167. chandni says:

    hi john

    Thanks 4 the link friend.they r very effective send me more n do me a favour plz send me some veryyyyy effective exercises of abbs plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz πŸ™‚

  168. Caity says:

    ive only just started this and hopefully it works. i think it will, because i can feel it working πŸ™‚

    thanks heaps ill get back to you in like a week.


  169. jay says:

    Extremly effective, these exercises are the ultimate replacement for face surgeries; with no cost at all

  170. maria says:

    Thank you John for the fantastic exercise.It really make big Difference.

  171. dj says:

    yes…..john is very right about his product that it works very smartly on ur face……….even u will start seeing result within a week…….

  172. praveen says:

    thanks john ihadnt try this as yet bt i'll try n thn reply again

  173. maria says:

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