Do you have a thin or average body type but suffering from chubby cheeks (or double chin) syndrome? You’re NOT Alone!

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“I have seen results in just less then three weeks and I have lost face fat…. my face feels firmer and looks healthier”

Regular price: $197 Today Only $47


“I found the right exercises to get my chiseled face through a step-by-step formula to get rid of face fat and chubby cheeks. The great thing is that this approach can actually get rid of a double chin too.Big thanks, John!”
Tony Rocks -
“As a professional singer and a TOP 10 SUTASI’S FINALIST, I had to really care about my image and style. I was worried to see that my face was bit chubby and not attractive at all so i was searching desperately to solve my face fat problem. John, I really appreciate your help and your product is so valuable that I highly recommend it to everybody who wants to get rid rid of chubby cheeks or double chin and have a well-defined face.”
Syafiq Sutasi (Singer) -
“I must admit that I feel my cheekbones more well-defined and for sure, this is a bonus for my self-confidence!”
Yianna - London, UK -
“Hey John, your program was fantastic…loved the exercises, and my face looks so much better now.  It was much easier than I thought it would be too!  Please keep me updated on your other products.”
Philip -
“The problem that i think that could never be solved has a great easy solution… big thanks john for helping and and inventing such a great programme. I really appreciate you and thanks for your great support … and I hope all will know this product!”
Ten Tacles -

I’ll go straight to the main points that make this program one of the most effective programs for getting rid of that face fat that is making you self conscious about showing off those sexy cheekbones that you know is hidden under that facial fat!

Inside you’ll discover…

  • Why the perfect body fat percentage may still leave you with chipmunk cheeks and double chin… and what to do about it!
  • Fat-reduction exercises… how effective are they?
  • 5 ways to enhance overall facial contours and uncover your beautiful facial structure hiding within.
  • The top three foods you should strike off your grocery list forever!
  • The top 5 biggest mistakes most people make when trying to lose face fat. (If you don’t know these mistakes, you might never have higher cheekbone structure… and it’s not your fault!)
  • How a few small tweaks to your everyday diet can skyrocket its nutritional value and help you lose facial fat… FAST!
  • How you can find the time to care for your body and face, even with the most hectic schedules
  • How to strengthen and tone more than 30 muscle groups in the face, chin and neck with simple proven facial exercises
  • What practice you must cease immediately in order to sculpt high cheekbones–and how to replace it with a healthy alternative
  • What habits will create chipmunk cheeks even in the thinnest of people
  • Insider all-natural tricks that celebrities and supermodels use to define their cheekbones…(no, it is NOT about makeup!)

Regular price: $197 Today Only $47



I applied Face Fitness Formula’s techniques and exercises and the results I’ve seen have completely changed my life!

Luwanna K. - Russia (email on file)
“After using the Face Fitness Formula my friends were amazed at the difference, and I could hardly believe it either.”

Steve M. - Newcastle, UK (email on file)
“I have been using your program for 3 months and today I am happy to send you my before and after photos. Thank you for your wonderful program!”

Julia K. - USA (email on file)
“Great program and very easy to follow…Great Stuff.  Keep it up.”

Zane K. - New Zealand (email on file)
Here’s What You’ll Be Getting Today:

It All Starts With The Face Fitness Formula…

This is the backbone of the whole system. The program you can download instantly, and begin your face-sculpting routine… right now.

Ranked by As The #1 Most Popular Face-Sculpting Program Since 2006

The same program that is literally changing the lives of hundreds of thin, overweight, and average males and females who really wants to get rid of their face chubbiness…

The program that promises to give you a smoking hot face with leaner and sexier facial features in the shortest time humanly possible!

Face Fitness Formula is written in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. That means you can pick it up today and be working it IMMEDIATELY!

You’re now inside the velvet rope. You’ve got the power at your fingertips.

The power to go from “O” to “V” face shape.

PLUS A Step-By-Step Action Plan…

This full, detailed 4-week action plan outlines the exact steps and milestones you need to achieve every day… for 30 days! You get 4 separate comprehensive action plans that make this plan idiot proof!

And it includes the hottest dietary tricks to lose face fat (and water retention) from your cheeks, chin and body…

These action plans has been created to detoxify, revitalize, strength and firm your face (and body). Track your progress week-by-week.You stay fully organized with a detailed visual as you progress over time.

PLUS The e-DVD Online Video Database…

In this much-anticipated, downloadable DVD, you will get over 2 hours of non-stop inspirational, educational and entertaining face yoga training.

This online exercise database includes detailed written descriptions and full motion videos demonstrating over 40 of the most effective face building and sculpting exercises in existence.

Watch as our face fitness expert, Angie, demonstrates EVERY SINGLE facial exercise, each scientifically created to workout your facial muscles for maximizing results in specific areas like the Jaw and Cheeks so you too can now…

Add maximum definition to your face

Tighten and firm your cheeks

Get a well-defined jawline and toned skin

In addition, all of the exercises are conveniently categorized in your step-by-step daily plan for easy use.

That’s a HUGE package right there. The best-selling program, “Face Fitness Formula”. If I stopped right now… you’d be getting the most comprehensive, most effective, and long anticipated Face Fitness program ever! And at a crazy low price that is NOT available to the general public!

But WAIT!  I’m Not Done Yet!

Beautiful Body Guide $29.95
Secrets To Looking And Feeling Younger $29.95
Delicious Sculpting Recipes and Smoothies $19.95
Daily Nutrition Planner $19.95
The Truth About Building Muscle $39.95
The Top 12 Fat Loss Myths Exposed $29.95
Lifetime Face Fitness Formula Updates $99.95

That’s an additional $276.65 in hard cash value added to the main package.


Regular price: $197 Today Only $47


Listen What REAL People Have To Say About My Proven Face Fitness Formula™…



“I have to admit, I didn’t want to believe that this program would work.  I was skeptical big time, and almost had to force myself into buying it.  But I’m glad I did…only 3 weeks into the program and I am looking way much better!”

Tamara. - Lithuania (email on file)
Hi John – Just wanted to send you my before and after as promised.  AS you can see, my double chin sucked!  I hated every picture I ever saw…I ran away from the camera all the time!  Not anymore, and thanks to your program.  God bless and sorry for the bad quality of my web camera!

Andy K. - Bristol, UK (email on file)
“The exercises are nothing like the ones I had tried in the past.  I had used all the free samples I found online, but nothing made the different like the ones from this program.  Thanks!”

Mary L. - Arizona, USA (email on file)
“I have seen results in just less then three weeks and I have lost face fat…. my face feels firmer and looks healthier”

“Within about 4.5 weeks of using the Face Fitness Formula I realized how lucky I was to have stumble upon this product”

Dan V. – Australia (email on file)
John – check out the before and after and look my chin!!!  Your program was easy and effective, and I’m sorry for all the questions I asked while going through the program.  But I do appreciate you helping me through the way, and thanks again

Regular price: $197 Today Only $47


You Have My Guarantee That Your Face Will Look Leaner and More-Defined… Or Don’t Pay! 

I’m not going to lie like many sleazy magazine advertisements do to you.

The truth is… I can’t guarantee if you’ll get the cheekbones structure of Angelina Jolie or the jawline definition of Johny Depp in the first 30-days… for example, if you put a weak-hearted effort into my training program and put a lame effort towards following the meal plans, you’re not going to see great results in 30 days. (You won’t see great results EVER for that matter).

What I can promise you is that if you apply my techniques, facial exercises and meal plans, you will definitely add more definition to your cheeks and jawline and become three weeks closer to the face that you want (and the one your friends will hit the Like button on your Facebook pictures).

Alright, I want to take any doubts or indecision you might have at this point out of your head. Seriously, if you don’t take action, you will NEVER improve your face… You’ll simply continue to struggle for many more years with that annoying baby fat and face chubbiness that nobody (including the guy or girl of your dreams) will even notice.

You’ll just keep procrastinating and making up lame excuses as to why you’re “gonna wait until next week” to start training and eating right. GIVE ME A BREAK!

Why not make the decision TODAY to finally learn an exact proven method of success to eat, train, and THINK, that will actually allow you to enjoy life, while simultaneously constructing a face that is a walking symbol of sex-appeal, envy and inspiration.

I want you to realize that you have nothing to lose except the sarcastic comments you get for having those “cute” chubby cheeks and face that has cursed you for years. That’s why I’ve decided to offer you 100% unconditional money back guarantee if you do not successfully blast away your face fat, just like I did, in the next 60 days.

You have a full 8 weeks to review the program and see for yourself as your cheeks and chin become more defined and sculpted! If for any reason my system lets you down then I’ll arrange a fast and easy refund. It’s that simple.

I understand that you may think I’m a complete moron for offering a money back guarantee. The reality is that you could easily screw me over by downloading my program, save all the info to your computer, build the face of your dreams and then ask for a refund 1 hour before the 60-day trial period is over and I would still arrange a fast and easy refund for you – that’s my promise to you.

However, I trust you’re a trustworthy individual that will give this program an honest try and will not request a refund unless you’re honestly unhappy. I am confident that will not be the case, especially when you start getting compliments from your loved ones and you start becoming the envy of all your friends.

This is my iron-clad guarantee! I’m the most passionate man alive in helping people solve problems and achieve their goals. After you read some of the success stories from all over the world, today is your turn to find out that my program will deliver everything I’m promising.

How Do I Know if This is NOT Just Another Scam?

I take this concern seriously…last August, I met one of my customers here in Cyprus while I was having a dinner at a Sushi restaurant with bunch of friends and the first thing she said to me was, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t even think you were a real person when I ordered…” She later went on to say that her Mom also cautioned her before ordering, “Save your money because this is probably a scam…” I’ve heard it, literally, over a thousand times in my email inbox.

Just the other day my sister got scammed after paying for a product, never received it and then we find out the company was not even real! The God’s honest truth is that I HATE scammers and con artists – they are the SCUM of the earth and I will never have any part of it.

I have done everything possible to prove that I’m a real person and that you are 100% confident before ordering. I’m associated with the EzineArticles, MarketersGroup, maintain a You Tube account (I have over 100 videos), a Facebook personal profile and I reply to all my emails, facebook messages, you tube messages and blog comments. My business is 100% legit and real so please throw that concern out the window!

Lastly, think about this… give me one good reason why I would want to scam you in the first place? I would have gone out of business 4 years ago!

The reason I have over 20,000 customers in 90 different countries is because I’m committed to helping you get the face you desire so you can become a walking billboard for me, and so you can increase your self-confidence and feel and look sexier again just like before you stored that ugly face fat. It’s only common sense that I help you get what you want… RESULTS! And that’s exactly what it delivers.

  • Well, you’re going to instantly download the complete Face Fitness Formula™ package and ALL bonuses and within the next few minutes you know exactly what to do, where to start, and you’re actually doing it. (plus, you’ll be shaking with excitement because as soon as you see how simple it is, you’ll be ready to say “Goodbye” face fat and say “Hello” sculpted looking face!)
  • A week from now, you’ll start feeling your facial muscles toning…and you could ALREADY be feeling sculpted, but that means you’re just on the right track!
  • On week 2 (Revitalization Program), you’ll be targeting jaw line muscles to gain more definition, using the strength you have built over the past 7 days
  • On week 3 (Strengthening Program), you’ll experience how tweaking the exercise regime gives your cheek muscles a more thorough workout using the strength and flexibility you have built over the past 2 weeks
  • Finally, on week 4 (Firming / Sculpting Program), you’ll move into building up the intensity to tone the facial muscles and you’ll be amazed by the comments and likes you’ll be receiving from your friends


The Face Fitness FormulaFace Fitness Formula is made in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format giving you the power to go from “O” to “V” face shape in just weeks.


4 Step-By-Step Actions Plans

These action plans has been created to detoxify, revitalize, strength and firm your face (and body). Track your progress week-by-week.


Online Video Facial Exercises DatabaseIncludes detailed written descriptions and full motion videos demonstrating over 40 of the most effective face building and sculpting exercises in existence!



Lifetime Face Fitness Formula Updates

As I add even more features to this package in the future, you can update your copy absolutely free with no restrictions.



Secrets To Looking And Feeling Younger. Learn how to enhance your lifestyle by diet and supplements and many, many important tips and tricks to help you stay young physically and mentally.



Delicious Sculpting Recipes and Smoothies

Keep your fat burning program efficient and organized with our state of the art, but easy to use software program that lets you track virtually every aspect of your fat loss routine.


Daily Nutrition PlannerTrack Your Fat Burning & Muscle Building Diet With Ease!



The Truth About Building Muscle

The Truth About Building Muscle” is a 266-page, information-packed guide to building maximum muscle size and strength in minimum time


Now Take A Moment Here And Congratulate Yourself For Taking This Very Important First Step To Get Rid of Face Fat And Add Definition To Your Face…

Get started today with your “Face Fitness Formula” downloadable package, and receive this face changing program, click the following order button below to go to our secure processing page!

Regular price: $197 Today Only $47


NOTE: Face Fitness Formula is a downloadable product. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the program, videos and all the bonus reports onto your computer.

God Bless YOU and YOURS,

John Socratous

Author, Face Fitness Formula


Ezine Articles’ Platinum Expert

P.S. To receive the huge 50% off discount, you have to decide to take action today. This offer will be gone at anytime as of as of . Today you can get the entire 30-Day Face-Sharpening Program at the lowest price it will EVER be offered at by ordering right now.

P.S.– There are young and old men and women out there right now, wasting their time searching for the answer and even paying THOUSANDS of dollars and seeing no results. There are literally over 20,000 people in over 90 different countries using my system right now and living their dreams. If you stick with me… I see no reason why you can’t make INCREDIBLE GAINS in a crazy short period of time. Don’t you deserve to be the best you can be?

P.P.S.–I strongly believe this is the single best program of its kind anywhere. You have absolutely nothing to lose except your chubby cheeks or double chin. Your face transformation will be dropping jaws and getting comments before you know it. I’m also giving you a 60 day risk-free guarantee to test the program and to see what countless other people have already discovered to be the most intelligent and fastest-acting face fitness program period.

Regular price: $197 Today Only $47


Need something answered? If you have a question, I have an answer!

Q: Will this program work for both males and females?

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, as face fat is the same on both. Face Fitness Formula will still help you achieve results! In fact 41% of people who already bought this program are men and 59% are women.

Q: How long is the program?

It’s a 30-day program.  Each day is broken down for you, so you know what to do each and every day during the program.  There is no guess-work.

Q: How fast will I achieve results?

That is totally up to you. If you follow all exercises included in the program – you should notice differences in the first 10 days! Expect some significant visual changes by the 2nd week and by the 4th week expect others to be making comments about your visual appearance.

I have given you the Face Fitness Formula to lose your face fat, but the Formula must be executed.  It won’t help if you don’t apply it. The more you put in the more you get out.  If you put in half hearted effort – expect to get half hearted results. If you are truly committed to your goals and stick to the program on a daily basis then expect some exciting results!

Q: Can I order your program if I live outside of the United States?

Yes, you can still order the book even if you live outside of the United State. In fact, since the book is in electronic format you can order from any country in the world!

All prices are in U.S. funds. Our payment processor, Clickbank, accepts orders from almost anywhere in the world and they automatically make the currency conversion for you, so you don’t have to buy anything special for international orders. Just follow the instructions on the Clickbank secure page.
Q: Why is your program digital, and how come I don’t get a DVD or CD shipped?

There are three reasons why I created this book in downloadable format instead of hard copy dvd:

  1. E-books eliminate shipping. You save money and I save money. And it eliminates snail mail. Who wants to wait 7-14 days for something you want right now!
  2. Anybody can download this book no matter what country you live in. I can reach the entire world with my information via the Internet! As soon as your payment goes through you will have instant access to the material.
  3. Since there is no printing and publishing costs I am able to offer the book at a much cheaper price.

Q: Your program seems a little expensive…why?

Expensive compared to what? Compared to a plastic surgery? I can understand that some people can’t afford to buy, but if you think that a small-investment of just $47 that will make you look and feel better and saves you $5,000+ by avoiding a plastic surgery, don’t you think that this would be one of the best investments you ever made for yourself to look sexier?

Q: What makes this program so different from other products in the market?

I’ll answer this question with a question… Let’s say you’ve got belly fat and you’ve decided to start going to the gym for 3 hours every single day to exercise your body but you’re eating McDonalds, chocolates, junk food, etc. Do you think you’ll ever get rid of that belly fat?

Of course not.

The same goes with face fat. You need to focus on a specialized nutrition plan that will help you get rid of water retention which is the cause of face chubbiness PLUS you need to focus on exercising your face with advanced and proven exercises that will help you get the facial definition you’ve always wanted.  In other words, a specialized nutrition plan will help you LOSE FACE FAT while face exercises will help you TONE YOUR FACIAL MUSCLES giving you more definition.

The Face Fitness Formula is a comprehensive program and includes EVERYTHING you need from getting rid of chubby cheeks (and double chin) to getting a more well-defined face with advanced exercises.

Q: Is it really safe for me to use my credit card online?

Yes, it is completely and totally safe! Your online order will be passed through a secure connection. This means that your credit card information cannot be accessed by anyone.

We, along with thousands of other publishers, use a company called ClickBank to process all of our orders. ClickBank is the most popular and trusted credit card processor on the Internet and uses the strongest security and anti-fraud features available in the world.

In addition to this, they never store your financial data in their system. Your credit card information is directly processed to the bank, and they are the only ones who have access to this information.

Also, Clickbank handles all refunds, so you can know for sure that I will honor my guarantee. I’ve been personally using them for years without any problems.

Q: I don’t have a credit card – how can I buy?

If you don’t have credit card, no worries. Please contact my helpdesk.

Q: How do I know this program will work?

I will be brutally honest – almost any program out there will work for you IF it is done with the right intensity, proper technique, and if it is done over a consistent period of time and with 100% commitment.

A big-time fitness expert said, “A crappy program done with good effort will produce incredible results, and a perfect program with low effort will produce no results.”

What’s the lesson here? Focus on being truly committed to your goals. How do I know that this program will work for you? I don’t know. You have to MAKE it work. DECIDE to make it work. Commit to becoming the person you want to be and then take action. You are in absolute control of where you go in life.

You will not fail because this is not like any other program you have tried.

Q: Is face fat a genetic problem?

Face Fat is in no way related to genetics… It’s like when you are overweight and you have body fat, it is based on your lifestyle (stress), nutrition (what you eat) and exercise (how often you exercise).

I don’t know of any person on Earth following a good lifestyle, a healthy nutrition plan and a proven exercise regimen to be fat. Do you?

That’s where Face Fitness Formula come into place. It’s a step by step plan that give you the WHAT… HOW… WHEN… and WHY to help you get rid of your double chin and face chubbiness, setting yourself for a leaner, sexier face within weeks naturally. It worked for me, it worked for others… it can work for you too!

Q: What if I don’t see the results I want?

Then it’s all FREE.

Simply put, if you follow the Face Fitness Formula program exactly as outlined in the ONLINE VIDEOS, and if you don’t see visible results in the next 60 days, just contact my customer support team and we’ll refund every last penny. Like I said, I won’t be able to sleep at night knowing you invested in my program and didn’t see results, so I’ll make things right and refund you – no questions asked.

As you can see, the pressure is completely on me to deliver you the results you deserve – all you need to do is give the program an honest shot and it’ll work for you.


Regular price: $197 Today Only $47



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