What Are The Risks Of Chin Plastic Surgery?

Posted by John on September 19, 2009
By John Socratous, author of Face Fitness Formula program that has helped over 24,000 people, get chiseled jawline and get rid of their chubby cheeks and double chin without surgery.
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You do not always need to go under the knife  …

risks-chin-plastic-surgerySome people are willing to go under the knife and pay thousands of dollars to correct the imperfections in their body.

For them, surgery is the most effective way to achieve the look they desire and feel better about themselves.

Not a few patients undergo surgery to alter the size and shape of their chin.

Chin plastic surgery, also called chin reduction surgery, is performed primarily to make the chin look smaller. Most patients who go through chin reduction surgery have a large chin that does not look proportionate to the rest of the face.

Do you have the same problem? Before you decide to undergo surgery to reduce the size of your chin, you need to understand first what the procedure involves as well as its risks.


How is the Procedure Performed?


chin-liposuctionIt usually takes two to three hours to perform the chin plastic surgery. The steps involved in the procedure depend on the patient’s facial structure and his or her expected results. But in most cases, the steps are performed in the following order:

1.  The surgeon makes a cut under the chin or inside the mouth close to the lower lip.

2.  The bone at the tip of the chin is removed and reshaped.

3.  To make the chin’s contour proportionate, the excess bone is detached.

4.  The tip of the chin is placed again with the other area of the chin, which are joined together by plates and wires.

5.  The surgeon creates stitches on the incisions to finish the operation.

Typically, patients of chin reduction procedures are required to stay overnight in the surgical clinic or hospital for recovery.


What Are the Risks Involved in the Surgery?


Chin reduction shares the same risks with other types of surgeries. You may suffer from swelling, bleeding, and wound infection for a couple of weeks or months after the surgery.

The healing of the wound may also be delayed. Adverse reactions to anesthesia may also occur, and these reactions may have an impact on your respiratory system.

Another risk associated with this surgery is small nerve damage, which leads to temporary or permanent loss of sensation on the chin and lower lip. Complications such as deep vein thrombosis and hematoma or formation of blood clot under the skin may also occur.

The risks unique to chin plastic surgery are inflammation and bruising of the jaw. A few weeks after the procedure, it will be terribly hard for you to chew or even swallow food.

Talking will also be painful for you. If the surgeon performed the surgery improperly, it may result in uneven healing of the wound and asymmetrical chin.




The worst among all the risks involved in chin reduction surgery is the result that may not meet the patient’s expectations. If you are not satisfied with the results of the surgery, you may have to undergo additional operations to correct the previous one. That could be very costly and risky to your health.

Is it better to have a surgery or to look for alternative ways to make your chin smaller? You have to weigh your options carefully, taking into consideration your safety, the effectiveness of your choice, and the costs.


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    Awesome post. Really you described all the facts with great importance and care. Now i know all bout chin surgery. Thanks for sharing.

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