Top 5 Causes Of Facial Bloating

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by John Socratous, Market Researcher
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Don’t you just hate to see a bloated face in the mirror when you wake up every morning?

For sure, you are curious about what went wrong with your face. More than just a problem of looks, facial bloating may be a sign of a serious health condition. If something goes wrong in your body, your face will show it.

Are you wondering what’s causing your chubby cheeks to grow bigger and your double chin to develop?

Here are the top five reasons that explain why your face has become bloated…

Reason #1: Poor Diet

If you don’t eat a balanced diet, you get fewer nutrients than a healthy body needs. Lack of essential nutrients in the body can result in a bloated face. In particular, it’s a sign of vitamin C and beta-carotene deficiency. On the other hand, excessive intake of fat, carbohydrates, and salt can cause face puffiness.

Reason #2: Dehydration

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of facial bloating, as the body tends to retain as much water as it can if it is dehydrated. The face is one of the areas where excess water is stored. Unfortunately, not many people realize the benefits of drinking adequate water everyday. Not drinking enough water? Well, you should start guzzling more water now to reduce bloating on your face.

Reason #3: Alcohol Intake

It doesn’t matter what kind of alcoholic drink you consume. Whether it’s beer, wine, or brandy, consuming anything that contains alcohol makes your face puffy. It is because alcohol makes you dehydrated, meaning you get thirstier after you booze up. Your body responds to dehydration by storing as much water as possible in different areas, and your face is no exception. If you had a few drinks, chances are you will wake up with a bloated face the next day. So it’s a no-brainer — cut back on your alcohol intake to lose face fat.

Reason #4: Hypothyroidism

One of the symptoms of hypothyroidism, or lack of thyroid hormones in the body, is a puffy face. Usually, this condition results in rapid weight gain, which is why the face becomes bloated. Aside from facial bloating, other symptoms of hypothyroidism include constipation, tiredness, and dry skin.

Reason #5: Face Fat

Face fat is often a problem for people who aren’t even overweight.  They collect the fat normally in their cheek area or chin area.  This can be fought by following certain dietary guidelines as well as a certified facial exercise programFace exercises can be instrumental in helping you get rid of that face fat.

Apart from the five causes of facial bloating discussed above, other factors can also lead to puffiness on the face. These factors include kidney disorders, sinus infections, allergic responses to medications or insect bites, mumps, dental infection, inflammation of the parotid glands, nephritic syndrome, edema, and many others.

Now that you know the causes of facial bloating, you have a clear idea of how to get rid of it. You’ve got to do something to remove your double chin and reduce the chubbiness of your cheeks so that you will see a lean and toned face every time you look at the mirror. Knowing how to lose face fat is a great first step towards a new look.  Wouldn’t you love that brand-new look?

Here’s What You Should Do Next…

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B Lavanyavathi

May 16

my face is getting puffy day by day please help me out………….how to reduce it.


June 14

My face is so fat but l only weigh 49kgs and l am 27years


June 22

Hey Isabel – Yep, you are just the kind of person I created the Face Fitness Formula for. I hope my stuff helps you!


December 19

Hey. My cheeks have been puffy since childhood and have never left. I am slightly overweight but im still very healthy. Its just baby fat thats never left me im 23 now.


March 13

Hi Cara – Check out some of our info on diet and lifestyle on our site here and subscribe to our mailing list for even more cool stuff. Good luck!