Tips To Reduce Facial Bloating And Get A Chiseled Face

Posted by John on November 16, 2009
By John Socratous, author of Face Fitness Formula program that has helped over 24,000 people, get chiseled jawline and get rid of their chubby cheeks and double chin without surgery.
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Chubby cheeks and double chins are cute on young kids but not on adults. Facial bloating is not only unsightly, but also unhealthy. Having a bloated face is a usually a sign of a weight problem. However if you are not overweight and your face is bloated, don’t dismiss it as a quirk of your body that will eventually disappear on its own. Luckily, you can take some steps to reduce face fat and get a chiseled face. Follow these simple tips to achieve the best results without having to go under the knife.

  • Be careful with what you eat. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates and salt make your body retain more water, and much of the water is stored in the face, hands, and ankles. To make your face slim down, you should cut back on your salt and carbs intake. That means you must eat less junk food (e.g. pizza, burger, chips, etc.) and more fruits and vegetables.
  • Use slimming makeup techniques. Apply a little bronzing or shading under your chin and along your jaw line. This makeup technique will make your cheeks appear less chubby. Study the proper blush techniques to accentuate the positive areas of your face and to conceal the thicker areas.
  • Get a new hairstyle. Is your hairstyle flattering for your face? If your face looks round and your cheeks chubby because of the style of your hair, maybe you need to have your hair cut. Ask your hairstylist about the style that suits your face best.
  • Drink more water daily. If you think drinking lots of water can make your cheeks bigger, think again. More fluid intake does not lead to facial bloating—in fact, the body tends to retain less water when you drink more. Make plain water your best buddy to lose face fat. Ideally, you must drink at least eight glasses of water daily. You can expect results in as early as a week after you consistently drink the right amount of water.
  • Do some face exercises. Performing facial workouts is the safest, most convenient, and most effective way to lose most of the fat on your face. These exercises offer a lot of benefits: they lift and tighten the face, tone the facial muscles, and burn fat in the chubbiest areas of the face and help get rid of double chin. You can do facial exercises anytime and anywhere, and each one takes only a few minutes to perform! Invest in a facial exercise program; this little investment will surely be worth it in the long run.
  • Try weight training. A weight training routine is an effective way to build muscles and to make your face firmer and more toned.
  • Check the medications you’re taking. Are you currently taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs? Chances are their side effects include water retention, and this is a culprit of facial bloating. If your medications have water retention as a side effect, ask your physician for alternatives.

If you follow these facial bloating reduction tips, you can finally say goodbye to annoying chubby cheeks and double chin and say hello to a sculpted-looking face!


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