The Triumvirate Of Facial Sculpting & Looking Great

Posted by John on February 13, 2010
By John Socratous, author of Face Fitness Formula program that has helped over 24,000 people, get chiseled jawline and get rid of their chubby cheeks and double chin without surgery.
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triumvirate-of-face-sculptingWhen talking about appearances, the thing that comes to everyone’s minds is our own face.

Not only is it the immediate impression creator, it is also the first thing that people look at when talking or dealing with other individuals.

Some people may have bodies to die for but if their faces are not exactly at par with it, then they can still be considered as unattractive.


Looking at the other side of things, even though people may not have great bodies, they can still be considered attractive if they have gorgeous faces.

One of the determinants that help scale the level of attractiveness is the amount of cheek fat of people.

Having baby fat makes people look bloated, pudgy, and childlike because of the lack of sculpt of the face area.

This the reason why it is no longer surprising to hear lots of people engaging in surgeries just to get their dream of high cheekbones, sharp jaw lines, and defined chins.

Thankfully, there are now a number of ways to help lose those chubby cheeks that doesn’t entirely involve the word ‘surgery’ and answers the question of how to lose face fat.

One way to lose unwanted cheek fat is to do face exercises to help firm up one’s face. This is usually combined with a special diet because the exercises alone do not do the job. One example of facial exercises is this simple exercise:

(1) The first step is to keep the lips firmly closed then sucking the cheeks inwards.

Keep this position for a couple of seconds then proceed to sucking each cheek one at a time.




(2) The second step is to keep the mouth tightly closed after filling it with air.

Move the collected air into the upper lip to help stretch the cheeks then move it to the right cheek and then the left.

Hold the positions for a couple of seconds then slowly start to blow the air out. Repeat the process for ten times.




(3) For the last step, keep the lips closed again then pucker by moving the cheek muscles.

If this exercise is done right, the feeling of the skin tightening should be felt.

Keep the lips in the puckered position for a few seconds then slowly release the air.




The second pointer to help reduce that bloated look is to follow certain eating practices.

If you want your face to look leaner, try to have an early dinner because researchers say that it has a positive effect on the metabolism of the body.

Our bodies have more time to walk around and do things so that the food we consumed is digested instead of being deposited into our fat cells throughout the night.

The third and the last pointer is to do overall exercises because it not only helps get rid cheek fat and a double chin, but other excess fat in the body for that more sculpted feel.

Try to exercise with weights by doing 2 sessions of intense weight training followed by 3 sessions of intense cardiovascular training.

Following intense programs are advantageous because its effects can still be felt even though 16 hours has already passed since your training.

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If you want to stop guessing what kind of face exercises you need to lift your jowls and get rid of chubby cheeks, and you want an effective and easy to follow, step by step plan, then you should check out the Face Fitness Formula.

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