In the past, if you had been riding on a horse through a hot desert and passing through a watering hole, you would have found a salt lick.

Your horse would lick a big cube of salt, and that would help him store and retain some water to save him from dehydration.

Now, a ton of people actually do this very same thing, but in a very uncanny way. As you know sodium is very sodiumimportant for your body as it supports water balance and different nerve functions. It also helps the body to function properly and supports other physiological activities.

But you need to consume sodium only in a small quantity everyday— 500mg is enough. Trust me, you get this amount EASILY and most often you surpass it big time!  You can get this amount in just one serving of just ONE of these:  crackers, chips, pickles, pretzels, various cheeses, salted nuts and canned food items (mainly canned veggies and soups).  And don’t forget about salad dressings and ketchup, which are both loaded with sodium.

But listen to this…A majority the people consume a RIDICULOUS amount of sodium each day (4000 to 6500 mg) and along with increasing your face fat, it also decays your health.

For me, this news is not a surprise.  Usually all branded companies are aware that salt is an additive substance. All they do is use more of it in their processed foods and as a result people consume it more

The fact is this… Medical research has indicated that salt has characteristics of additive substances like cocaine, morphine and heroin. This substance supports our body to feel good by releasing brain chemicals when we consume it.

salt addictionSalt addictions are quite common for most people and they really face a very hard time when told to reduce salt consumption. Often they experience certain withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Not only that, but a connection has been found between salt consumption and obesity and cardio-vascular disease.   This was released in a 2006 edition of a Finnish study published in ‘Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases’. Their research indicated that from 1980 to mid 1990’s, salt consumption in the US increased by more than 50%  as the population started to eat more and more processed food.

Now, you need to know that when people consume more salt, they naturally build up the desire for more fluid intake in order to maintain water balance within the body.

Now listen to this…In United States from 1977 to 2001 calorie intake from various beverages (such as soft drinks, energy drinks and fruit drinks that contains excess sugar and high fructose corn syrup) increased by 135%

Now it is not difficult to see the correlation here.  Big manufacturers produce more and more salty food that is consumed more and more, and in turn they consume more big-sized beverages to wash it down.

A diet that contains excess sodium can be responsible for high blood pressure that leads to stroke and heart disease— these diseases also cause obesity.

What is the perfect amount of salt intake? If you are going to use my meals plans from my 30-day program, then you need not to worry about this. Moreover, if you are asking for the exact counting, then anything below 2500mg of sodium per day is perfect. If you are a high blood pressure patient, then reduce the consumption to less than 1500 per day.

WARNING: Watch out for seemingly healthy foods from many fast food chains and restaurants.  Justpotassium foods about all of them, including their salads, contain enough sodium for your entire day.  Besides places like burgers and fried from McDonald’s or Burger King (which is quite obvious I hope!), even salads from places like Chili’s and Friday’s have a ton of sodium.

But, again you can find certain foods that have higher sodium contents and still support your body to drain excess water. I refer this as my “Sneaky Salt Trick.”

It works simultaneously with mineral called potassium. As you know, sodium retains water inside your body while potassium pumps it out. Want to pump out excess water-weight fast? Eat foods that are loaded with potassium, and that can help you balance out your sodium intake.

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