groceryDo you have any idea that the thousands of food that are lying in our grocery store departments are controlled and processed by BIG multinational companies who have only one goal?  Guess what the goal is…

Yup…making more and more money.  That’s it.

Moreover, the food chemists that work for these companies are paid big money to create these artificial and synthetic foods that can be processed huge factories.

Now, the chemists dump all kind of manually made additives, preservatives and chemicals into the recipes of our favorite foods and snacks in a proper quantity so that these artificial and synthetic foods can be eaten for years.

These are the types of foods that you have to avoid at all costs.  And these are the types of foods you will NOT see in the Face Fitness Formula.  These are among lots of the types of food I ate when I was trying to get rid of my fat, and couldn’t!

Since these additives continuously work against you, it’s for sure that over the years you will find it extremely difficult to get rid of that face fat. Failing to lose those chubby cheeks and double chin is not your fault at all.

These are the foods that you and your family are eating each and every day, that you should avoid as much as possible.

  • Salad dressings, includes lots of fat-free and low-fatfamily food
  • Cereals (including those that claim to be healthy for kids also), breads, crackers, chips, pastas and pretzels— also those favorite cheese and macaroni
  • Seasonings such as jelly, syrups, sauces, gravies, jam and ketchup
  • Canned foods, cured meat products and dried foods
  • Canned fruits and vegetables
  • Energy drinks, soft drinks and fruit juices
  • Lots of packed drinks and diet foods
  • Foods that are labeled fat-free, diet and low-fat
  • And most of the desserts, fast foods and junk foods

Public Enemy #1

I want to discuss one additive that is most deadly, not only to your health but to your battle against face fat.  The rest are covered in the Face Fitness Formula.

That additive is sugar.

On an average, my counting indicates that a typical American per year consumessugar 140 pounds of sugar – almost 173 grams a day. That can be termed as a pathetic addiction to sugar.

The important fact about sugar is it helps in inducing cravings and hunger as it has major effect on your blood sugar levels, supporting them to fall and rise. While you consume sugar, insulin gets released in your digestive track (a hormone that helps retain body fat and face fat). Insulin holds and stores this sugar for energy, and the extra sugar is stuffed in your cells and trouble spots…yep, trouble spots like your face.

This causes a fall in your blood sugar level, developing more cravings and hunger. Again the complicated cycle starts repeating. (It’s also important to know that the hormone glucagon, the hormone that supports burning fat, literally “shuts off” in presence of insulin. This is the reason why confirmed high insulin levels do not help you to reduce your face fat.)

Now if these facts also do not scare you, then you should know that the latest research has revealed that sugar supports body inflammation— inflammation is considered as the basis of a  number of diseases.  Studies have also shown that it is a factor in causing depression and weakens the immune system of your body.

Based on an article in the British Journal of Dermatology, it also causes wrinkles and quicker aging.

A bottle of 12-ounce soft drink (same for both fruit juice and energy drinks) is almost 140 calories, all of which pretty much come from the sugar.  And Americans consume on average at least three of these drinks per day.  Now I’m not just talking about soda.  Starbucks, Gatorade, and V8 Splash type drinks are also included here.

Do you have any idea how many grams of fat can be added to your face and body in one year if at all these calories are greater than what you require in one day?

It increases almost 44 pounds of fat, which is stored in your hips, thighs, belly, arms, and of course your face!

Horrible, isn’t it?  Are you starting to realize that the extra pounds around your face are not because of what you eat, but also because of what you drink? Are you understanding why fruit juices, energy drinks and soft drinks are not a good choice for you to habitually consume?

What quantity of sugar is perfect? Recommended by American Heart Association, 30 grams of sugar per day is perfect for women, children and men (this sugar quantity includes fruit, milk and vegetables also).

As you know, 30 grams of sugar is not a large amount….considering the fact that one soft drink contains 40 grams of sugar. One soft drink holds more sugar then a person is suppose to have in a single day.

Now before you close this page on my site because you can’t possible give up on your sugar addiction, I am going to offer a solution to get your “fix” in sometimes….

If you have your sugar “fix” before 3PM and have it with a meal that includes at least 20 grams of protein, myself and my customers have shown that the effects are minimal.  Do NOT have your sugary beverage or food without any additional food, and do NOT consume it at night.

You will find more tricks like that to blast aware your face fat in my award-winning Face Fitness Formula.

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