Sneaky Trick #1: Try 15 Face Fat Killing Foods

by John Socratous, Market Researcher
Author of best seller:  The Face Fitness Formula

There are some foods that reduce face fat and some that support face fat (and bulging face). Check out the 15 foods that help to flatten those chubby cheeks and double chin:

avocado 1. Avocados: This small fruit is full of two nutrients that support reducing face fat: hunger-squeezing fiber (1 avocado contains 11-17 grams); and mono-unsaturated fats which actually support instant reduction of face fat.
peanut butter
2. Peanut Butter: Well, not only peanut butter, most of the nuts and seeds, walnuts, almonds (almond butter), pistachios, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds are good for this purpose. The reason is that these seeds and nuts help you to feel satisfied and full for a long time and these are actually saturated with nourishing face oive oil fat burning minerals and fats.

vegetables 3. Olive oil: Olive oil and Coconut oils are healthy and help in burning face fat by providing healthy oils to your body that are required.

4. Vegetables: Some vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, kale, brussels sprout and cabbage are saturated with vitamins and minerals that support your body to reduce face fat.  Eat as many veggies as you want, you can never get enough!

5. Omelets: Eggs are good, these are saturated with nutrients and omelet have loads of  face fat burning protein, Vitamin B12, B6, D, A , E and K, choline, folate, lutein, iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and omega -3 fatty acids. Eat eggs as they also help you to keep full for a long time.

dark chocolate 6. Dark Chocolate: Yes, you can have chocolate!  Just make sure it’s the right kind (dark)!  Dark chocolates are filled with antioxidants (almost 8 times more than that found in strawberries) and a stimulant that has a fat burning effect and includes obromine and caffeine. Select the ones that are higher than 78% cocoa.

7. Oatmeal: With oatmeal you just cannot go wrong, as this is filled oatmeal with whole grains and a ton of fiber. Make sure to avoid the high sugar processed oatmeal, and eat natural 100% oats.  You can make them in your microwave, and they are ready in 2 minutes! You can mix walnuts, natural sweetener, berries and some cinnamon to have an added taste. Oatmeal really is great stuff!

8. Green Tea: It contains potent antioxidants and a lot of research green tea has connected green tea as a fat reducing agent.  It also increases your metabolism.

9. Beans:
Re-fried beans, navy beans, lima beans and black beans beans add more than 6 grams of fiber in every ½ cup. Fiber supports in washing out lots of “toxic waste” and helps a lot in reducing your face fat.

10. Berries: Black berries, raspberries and strawberries are berries saturated with lots of fiber (which allow gradual absorption of sugar in your body), and they include lots of vitamins that helps you to fight against cravings (Vitamin deficiency usually increases cravings)

11. Cinnamon:  Scientists have claimed that cinnamon holds a certain type of antioxidant cinnamon that makes your insulin all the more sensitive, which in turn effectively stabilizes your blood sugar. In a nutshell… are going to store face fat in a much lower amount.

chili peppers 12. Chili Peppers: Researches has claimed that chili peppers and powders contain certain active ingredients termed as capsaicin that supports calorie burning and steadying blood sugar (also supports in reducing fat storage). It also works as a potent antioxidant. You are welcome to add some “spice” in your life.

13. Yogurt: Regular store yogurts are not good for your tummy. yogurt Often it is saturated with sugar (artificial or real) that will result in more of a bulging face! Go for the Greek yogurts that are more natural, and make sure it’s plain (not flavored at all).

wild salmon 14. Wild Salmon:  Wild Salmon is considered one of the best face fat reducing foods as it contains high protein and omega-3 fatty acids. This can be mentioned as a double shotgun approach of reducing face fat. Most people, trying to lose weight in their face, lack omega-3 and when this added to the diet, the fat starts coming off.

15. Turkey/Chicken: I am not only discussing turkey and chicken meat here.  Any source chicken of lean protein is a great face fat blasting food. Free-range chicken, wild salmon, whey protein powders, and grass-fed beef.


Here’s What You Should Do Next…

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I promise guarantee, you won’t be disappointed!

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December 15

all sounds like good advice thankyou,a good reminder of what to eat for good health and weight and some of my favourite foods as well! Great!

H Alrubauai

December 28

greet advice more advice please


January 3

Thank you John I got it & I will take them regularly


January 7

hey john thanks a ton….


January 8

Excellent advice John, keep up the good work


January 9

Very interesting! All the foods mentioned are quite healthy anyway. I wil be pleased to continue buying them and eating them….can't wait to see results when coupled with the facial excercises! xo


January 9

Great food ideas! i will continue to buy these healthy options and hope to lose my chubby cheeks with the facial excercises too! xo


January 16

v.good & thanks for help.


February 4

amazing n valuable information,thanx 4 this


February 9

good info on face flab


February 10

I love all these foods and I have been eating a few of them regularly. Very healthy!


February 11

I don't know if these reduce face fat especially but they're excellent recommendations for any diet…thanks!!

Carole Simkins

February 17

I already eat most of this food, but thanks for the information has I have been eating lots of flavoured yogurts and will now stick to plain Greek yogurt. So thanks for this


February 20

Hey John thx a lot for sharing this x


February 23

Well, it's great. I love eating most of these.


February 24

thanks so much! u far 2 kind :)

Anurag Sharma

February 28

I agree…what you suggested is eternally true……


March 3

Am impressed by your sincerity! I'm gluten and dairy sensitive so wheat products and milk in any form are taboo. Any ideas on substitution? M-Anne


March 14

Hi John
Thanks for the tips. It will be very helpful. By the way, i have a problem with eyes puffiness after waking up in the morning,i dont know if your programme could be of any help.Also i lost the chance to view the facial formula for once.(since you said that it will be only be coming up once.

I have a program for eye puffiness specifically…check out – It's a video made by one of my former students and current staff members :)

Not sure what you mean by lost the chance to view the facial formula? Email my helpdesk and we can get you sorted:


March 17

great Ideas. i will try & thn let u knw John……


March 18

I am already having all of this ….I lose fat, but the chin doesnt seem to go away :( …..But thanks for sharing the info, feels reassured. – Adi


March 21


Irina Y

April 1

do not agree with yogurt, omelettes, peanut butter, chocolate completely! to lose face fat as well as body fat need to avoid high-calorie product at all. but the point is not only in calories here, everything has calories for sure, point is the eggs should be skipped to 1-2 times in a week max. otherwise you ll get plenty of cholesterol. why did not include miso soup, tomato/minestrone soup, red fish (like tuna), coffee espresso (strong one), strawberries, little portion of pineapple juice? turkey is quite fatty, and vegs should be on first place as i think. soya milk is great, keep you lean and help not to eat much in generall because is very nutritious and contains a lot of vitamins and also fat-free and sugar-free.
beans are ok, but not in constant bases, nuts-in a small amount cause contains a lot of fat.


April 18

I have read about the program & listened to a well conducted & organized video and the program appears very well structured and covers many areas of health & fitness and being a wellness coach I find this program to be one of the best in the market today therefore will recommend it most highly to all of my clients to maintain their youthful appearance or to improve their facial & bodily presence while enhancing their health & well.being, I am also designing a rejuvenation lifestyle therefore this program will complement the work I do…thank you, sincerely Contessa Marzena A, Broel.Plater

Thank you so much Marzena! I really appreciate your compliments, they mean alot.



May 11

its awsome


May 12

thnx for mail me realy get vry useful infermation about diet…


May 15

cool.. i love eggs and see,
it'll help me in losing my face fat.. 


May 17

 Academe, you should try cornmeal, spelt, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, brown basmati rice & wild rice too all are gluten free and you can substitute nut and seed milk for a regular milk or try a raw, organic goat or sheep yogurt often much easier to assimilate than a cows milk…
I hope you will enjoy your healthy eating…
my kind regards, Countess Marzena A. Broel-Plater,  wellness & life coach… bon appètit.

Sabita Mohamed

May 24

I have been searching the internet for a good face fitness site.  I have been through many lately since I am on vacation and had much more time to do so.  Only today I found your site and I feel my search is over.  I don' t have a credit card so I am going  to ask my sister to order the face fitness package soon.  Thank you for the free gifts so far, I really appreciate it.  "Sabita"

Glad you found my site and that you have been enjoying my stuff so far!

Urbashi Agarwal

June 3

hi john, thnx for useful tips.


June 12

I check my inbox everyday (looking forward to see John's emails)
Thnx Johny

nabeela shanil

June 21

thanx john…..your mails r really worth…….i started doing the exercise and now my hus told that now my chubby cheeks have gone a little…….am really happy now……let me ask u a question…..does too much sleeping cause face fat………?

Glad you like the samples! Just imagine what the full program can do :) As far as sleeping too much, nope that shouldn't cause any face fat.


July 10

Irina, let me ask, are your nutritional beliefs working out for you?
 I am not surprised that there are still people who disagree with this nutrition information that John talks about (I am new to his newsletters and was pleasantly surprised to read some nutrition information that is actually true). You see, there are still people out there who believe everything the media says, such as you should not eat foods high in fat, or that eggs give you cholesterol! The truth is that eggs (FREE RANGE ORGANIC eggs not the typical crappy grocery store eggs) are healthy and help get rid or the bad cholesterol, as long as you are eating the right type. To expand on John's article, all nuts (which are full of necessary HEALTHY fats) should be eaten raw and not roasted, the oils should be cold pressed extra virgin organic olive oil and cold pressed unrefined coconut oil, turkey is also healthy, like John said as long as it is lean free range, grass fed meats, etc… Do not be afraid to eat (healthy) Fat in order to LOOSE fat! I also want to let you know that Soy is Terrible for one's health. America is becoming so unhealthy and the myriad of soy products, like soy milk and soy everything, are cotributing to this problem. I am sorry to ramble on, but I have a passion for eating healthy and staying healthy. I would keep going but this reply is already too long! I strongly recommend that you check out Isabel De Los Rios Diet Solution Program :
I'm telling you, she will tell you the truth about healthy nutrition that you can abide by for the rest of your life, so it's not just a "diet".
Seriously, check it out
Keep listening to John and good luck!


July 11

Thanks for the advice John

Thank God!! All these food items are simple and affordable! Thanks for the information


July 21

Something to think about.  Thank you for the information.  Much appreciated.  Luckily these are in my diet, or will be easy to incorporate.


July 24

     This information is just overwhelming. 
Consuming several portions of these items daily is in my plans. Most of the foods llisted are in the kitchen.

Vitasta Singh

August 5



August 7

i think this will help
., its a great help actually
thanks John


August 10

this is really awesome and valuable info.. really great!


September 2

This sound really great.  Looks allot like what I did a couple years ago.  Lost that program so sad.  I ate great, was never hungry,  had allot of energy.  Would love to have a eating plan laid for this, all laid out with proportions.  Is this includes in the program.   Would love to win the 1 on 1 consulting.  Recently started to taking control of my life.  Have be unemployed for over a year.  Started doing the zumba exercises working great.  Looking to reshape body.  Try to learn how to eat healthy.  Love the first exerciser you sent. 

John Socratous

September 7

That's great you are taking control! Zumba is getting so popular, my sister takes it and loves it.


September 26

This is good i did not know about this i will basically try it out
thanx J


October 25

I liked the first vidio and started doing it.


October 30

I am glad I got to know this.. Thank you very much

John Socratous

October 30

You're welcome!

John Socratous

October 30


B Legend247

November 9

Great tips and valuable advise!

John Socratous

November 10

Thanks! Now make sure you apply some of this stuff into your life :)


November 25

It was so good to discover that chocolate can be good for you.


November 29

Really informative

very resourceful article!

very resourceful article! I like it! Keep this up!

John Socratous

December 6

Thanks Ivy!

John Socratous

December 6

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

John Socratous

December 6

Hahaha yep I don't think you are alone in that one :)


January 2

will these and other's perhaps reduce "turkey" neck?


January 3

is their any food which help to increase facefat.?????


January 9

hy john im sure these are usefull but these are foods i usually eat like chiken and vegetables and nuts but then why doesnt my face look thinner?


January 12

I am glad you listed the foods that will help!  Thank you!

Kira Harris

January 18

thank god I love all these foods, except dark chocolate. sorry


January 19

Thanks for all those Tips.Doing a great thing.Keep up the good work

John Socratous

February 3

Heh I don't like dark chocolate either :)

John Socratous

February 3

Sometimes eating the right food is not enough, which is why you need to incorporate facial exercises as well :)


February 16

thanku for ua tips

John Socratous

February 17

you're welcome


April 23

hey john thanx a lot , i,ll try dem

van der Klugt

May 23

I like these Face Fat Killing Foods that also kill other body fat, very much.


May 23

haha thanks! I agree :)

Pam Ballin

June 3

Unfortunately not all 'good' foods are good for all people. For example some of the vegetables you mention are not good for people who have a thyroid condition. And not all of us are meat eaters!


June 19

thanks. Well most of them are food i crave for. Now i can have them! With a clearconscience


June 22

Yep just because it tastes good doesn't mean it's bad for you! Thanks for your comment.


June 22

Hi Pam – Yes, definitely true! Thanks for your comment.


July 7

wow! found it really useful thanks!

Patricia Okafor

July 30

Does dis food hav negative effect on a person who has pimples?


July 31

Seems like your list does not include pork and beef, may I know why, besides they are hard to digest…

masooma alvi

August 8

hey thanks! but i have a question that is natural or unprocessed yogurt is good for burning face fat or it will result in more bulging of your face?


September 6

That is perfectly fine! Feel free to eat it. :)


September 6

This isn't an exhaustive list, just 15 foods that we happen to think most people should include in their diet.


September 6

Nope, it shouldn't :)


December 4

'thanks John for some tips.. such a brilliant! i would definitely try all of these… it is all healthy and natural.. more power to you!


December 16

thanx lot


January 2

Keep it up helping me.Thanks


January 12



February 5

Hi John,
what about grapes?


February 9

Grapes are OK. They have alot of natural sugar but they are OK. Just don't eat a whole bushel at a time :)


October 30

I am happy to find face exercises after all other body parts have specific exercises, this seems so natural.