Say Goodbye To Cheek Fat With These Pointers

By John Under Chubby Cheeks

Cute bunny but not the cheeks! Your face is one of the areas that are most prone to fat accumulation during the weight gain phases of a person. For most people who have collected facial fat, having puffy cheeks and a double chin are some of their most popular complaints.

Though having fat cheeks complement some individuals because of the child-like look it lends, there are some people who just come off as looking bloated when they have this dilemma.

Having extra fat on the face is an eye sore especially when a person is already past the early adult age. Removing these extra pounds on the cheeks can be a little tricky especially for those who opt to do natural methods instead of undergoing surgeries. Losing unwanted facial fat also takes a lot of time but there are some pointers that can help in firming and trimming up the face faster if followed.

The first is to be active and do exercises in order to burn overall body fat. Undergoing a fitness program is advantageous because it gives a lean face that is in direct proportion with a lean body. Burning the extra calories doesn’t entirely require going to a gym because regular brisk walking and jogging can already do the work.

Also try to follow a healthy diet by consuming more fiber and cutting down on the salt. Eating vegetables and fruits regulates the body’s metabolism making a leaner and healthy you, without the puffy cheeks of course. Moreover, cutting down on the consumption of salt is very important because it is an active ingredient in water retention of the body. If your use of salt cannot be evaded in certain recipes, use a salt shaker to sprinkle on top instead of using it during the cooking.

Also remember to stay hydrated and strive to drink the recommended seven to eight glasses of water every day. Puffy cheeks are sometimes due to bloating which is the defense mechanism of our body whenever we have insufficient fluids in our system.

Cutting down on the intake of alcohol and drinking more milk can also help reduce puffy face.  Alcohol is rich in calories and drinking 1200 milligrams of milk everyday can help burn more fat.

Performing  face exercises is fantastic, and will give you a nice facial workout that can help trim down of cheeks. Massaging the face helps increase the blood flow to encourage an evenly toned and lean look. In doing the massage yourself, always remember to direct your strokes upward to target the puffy cheeks.

For a temporary effect, makeup and hairstyle tricks can also be done in order to give the illusion of a lean, instead of round, face. Try to apply blush on the apples of the cheek upwards toward the temples to give the effect of prominent cheekbones. As for hairstyles, opt for styles that won’t require all your hair up because it will just lead the attention to your chubby cheeks even more.

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