Home Remedies To Reduce Puffy Face: Find Them Directly In Your Kitchen

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Whether it may be caused by a sleepless night, heavy drinking, or stress, fluid retention can give way to the appearance of those puffy eyelids the moment you wake up. Generally, the morning face occurs when there is extra blood flow in the eyes due to the very thin skin of the lids. Whatever the cause may be, there are a couple of home remedies available which can help reduce puffy face.

The first and probably the most popular way make use of a cucumber. This vegetable is often used in advertisements for salons and spas due to the theory that the moisture in the slices of cucumber can refresh and soothe the swollen lids. The vegetable also possess an anti-irritation ingredient that works to deflate the puffy skin of the eyes.

To use it, slice two pieces of ½ thick cucumber rings and soak them in a bowl of ice cold water for about ten minutes. Wash the face with cold water then find a comfortable sitting position and apply the slices for approximately 5-10 minutes.

Another home remedy that can help reduce puffy face is the tea bag. Since your facial bloating is caused by the irritation and swelling of the blood vessels, caffeine can help to shrink them back to their original sizes. Tea bags can be used to reduce the swelling because soaking them in cold water and applying them causes a rebuffing effect that soothes the swollen lids. Tea also has tannic acid which also acts as an astringent that can temporarily make the skin around the eyes tight.

To use tea bags, dip two bags in a bowl with cold water for only a few seconds then apply them one at a time for approximately 10-15 minutes. Sometimes there are tea bags that turn soggy when soaked in water, so another option is to lightly moisten the bags and putt them in the refrigerator for a few minutes to chill.

Frozen peas can also be used to reduce puffy face. The main idea here is that anything cold like ice packs, ice compresses, and even frozen bags of vegetables can be used to reduce swelling and redness. As for the use of vegetables though, peas are believed to have the best effects because they are small enough to mold throughout the eye area.

To use this home remedy, get the bag of peas out of the freezer and put it on a paper towel. Allow it to thaw for approximately 10 minutes then put the bag directly in the eye area and let it sit there between 5-10 minutes. Washing the face and using specialized eye creams can also help reduce the appearance of the morning face.

However, if it is noticed that the puffed out eyes don’t get better with these treatments, then the person might already be suffering from severe allergic reaction that needs medical attention. Trying over the counter allergy medication or asking a doctor for a prescription of a strong antihistamine can help.

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February 25

I migjhttry these easy steps than i may know


November 22

I hate the puffiness of my face, hope this helps, especially considering I don’t have to go out and buy anything, just easy at home steps


February 7

Leave lime juice on your face for 20 mins. That'll de-bloat your face super fast! It works for me.