Featured Face Transformation: Dan Vo

Posted by John on July 13, 2010
By John Socratous, author of Face Fitness Formula program that has helped over 24,000 people, get chiseled jawline and get rid of their chubby cheeks and double chin without surgery.
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Still skeptical if Face Fitness Formula will work for YOU?…

Today’s success story is Dan Vo, a follower of Face Fitness Formula. Enjoy his original testimonial and before/after pictures below:

It really works!! As you can see from my photo’s above, (still need more work on my smile) I have successfully lose facial fat around almost all of my chin and my puffy cheeks.

Within about 4.5 weeks of using the Face Fitness Formula I realized how lucky I was to have stumble upon this product. It really solved my problem of having facial fat (so now my face look so much better and much more attractive with a more defined jawline, I also look good in photos as well).

I would definitely recommend you to try it out especially if you have a skinny body and want to lose facial fat. Because why exercise to lose body weight when the only thing thats fat is your face. The Face Fitness Formula definitely have the solution, I know they do because it really helped me and I might consider using their other products too.

John Socratous the owner of face fitness center is a real genius in my opinion. This is probably why he has helped thousands of people around the world lose facial fat already. He can probably help you too, start looking better and much more attractive today

Dan Vo – Australia


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14 responses to “Featured Face Transformation: Dan Vo”

  1. Akanksha says:

    heyy dat transformation is pretty gud!!god bless u john!!u know wat evn i wntd to try it but I have actualy experimntd on my face so much already with disastreous negativ reslts m soo scared of tryin anythin on it nw! =( but mayb datz becoz i hd no guidance……can i e-mail you sum pics of myn so u can suggest what vil work for me??!………can u plz help??……..itz very very very imp for me!!!….thanksssss

  2. Beautyjbg says:


  3. Norma_mno says:

    thanks .. i will try some of the exercises that have been suggested..

  4. Lovelykankarwal says:

    hay john It really very good works,,,,,, god bless u

  5. Marco says:

    John I dont know if I can send you pictures of my face, so you can suggest me what I should work hard on. Please contact me, my e-mail is [email protected]Im really looking forward to haering from you soon.Thank you.

  6. Tanaisha Angel says:


  7. fay says:

    the results i see in the above pic looks good, but i havent had a chance to try it yet. i am actually looking into some kindof fitness on how to get rid of eyebags. Do u have some fitness for eye bags under eye? thanks!

  8. Nur says:

    Hey! I got you email and I will try to do my best on working the exercises formulas that you have gave. 😉 Rock on! =)

  9. Torun Duygu says:

    It seems amazing… I also want to try however I am really afraid of if it doesn't work on me =(

    • Hi Torun, I am not sure if you saw that on my site but I offer a SUPER risk-free money back guarantee in case you try it and you don't see any results, I'll refund every cent of your investment! I hope that feels better and reduce your skeptisism:)

  10. sonu says:

    its really fabolous

  11. Sheela Adekaree says:

    Hi John,It really works, but should be practised regularly.

  12. Mammas_here says:

    exceptionally nice. thanks.

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