Facial Lipo And 5 Reasons Why Not To Do It!

Posted by John on February 24, 2010
By John Socratous, author of Face Fitness Formula program that has helped over 24,000 people, get chiseled jawline and get rid of their chubby cheeks and double chin without surgery.
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Why face liposuction may not be for you


face-lipo-5-reasons-why-not-to-do-itFacial liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves too much risk and hardly any reasonable medical benefit besides improving one’s self-esteem to alleviate depression.

People who think about undergoing this procedure are usually hoping to achieve a youthful look and expect to look as beautiful as they were in their youth.

These people usually end up disappointed with the results. This is because many forget the fact that the procedure usually involves using an instrument to get under the skin to remove accumulated fat in the cheeks, jowls and neck.


No matter how small or how expertly hidden, scarring will occur and when things don’t work as they should, these scars can become very prominent.


growing-old-gracefullyOne must accept that all humans grow old. Along with this aging, our facial features will change.

Fighting or delaying this inevitable change will only make it more difficult to accept and when it does happen, delaying the change will only make it seem to happen faster.

Instead of undergoing cosmetic surgery, one must learn how to age gracefully and gradually instead and take preventative measures to aging, and use natural methods to fight against it as well.

One can go on and on attempting to explain why one must accept the inevitability of the aging process, but this will not stop a person from considering facial liposuction in order to look better and younger.

Liposuction is the most common form of plastic surgery with over 400,000 operations done each year in the United States alone. This figure misleads the patient into thinking that it is a safe technique and that complications arising from the procedure rarely happen.

On the contrary, studies show that approximately 42% patients report that they are unsatisfied with the results. Their reasons for being unhappy about the procedure vary from experiencing intolerable pain to not achieving the desired result. Here are 5 reasons why you probably shouldn’t get that facial liposuction:

1) The procedure can be unpleasant. Some patients report that they had to go through excruciating pain throughout the surgery even when the procedure involved large amounts of diluted anesthetic being injected into the skin.

Due to the motion of the instrument moving back and forth under the skin, the friction resulting from this movement has been known to heat up the instrument to an extent that the underlying tissue and nerves are actually burned as the tube moves over it.

Since the surgeon cannot actually see the instrument, other tissues beneath the skin could also be punctured, resulting in excessive bleeding or burning.

2) It is sometimes ineffective for the result desired. This is often the complaint of older people whose skin has lost elasticity. When the fat underneath is removed, the skin sometimes sags, requiring further surgery to remove the excess skin.

Furthermore, since the process involves cutting grooves through the fatty tissue, the fat tissues become irregular in shape and this affects the contours of the face. Several cases of scarring and visible bruising have also been reported.

3) The procedure can be dangerous. Several patients have been known to experience adverse effects from the anesthesia injected into the skin and in some cases, deaths have resulted due to poisoning.

4) The healing process can be a traumatic experience. After the operation, the patient is sent home to recuperate and sometimes the pain and appearance of bruising can have a depressing effect on the patient. In some cases, pre-existing emotional problems previously undetected became a full blown psychological case requiring a visit to an analyst.

5) The complications and side-effects are not worth the desired results. Infections such as skin necrosis, whereby the skin dies and falls off; seroma, the collection of yellowish fluid or puss in certain areas under the skin; and hematoma, bleeding internally, are some of the possibilities. In some cases, the patient at home did not notice the symptoms of fluid imbalance in the body that resulted from the operation and this in turn resulted in damage to the heart, liver and kidneys.


losing-face-fat-diet-or-exerciseIt would be wise to think long and hard before deciding to have a facial liposuction. Even this “simple” procedure is not as simple as it is made to appear.

When trying to address your problem with chubby cheeks or double chin there are always safer and natural alternatives to consider before surgery.

If you haven’t yet tried a program of face exercises, it’s certainly a safer and more affordable alternative.  Not only that, but face exercises are effective!


Here’s What You Should Do Next…


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One response to “Facial Lipo And 5 Reasons Why Not To Do It!”

  1. micaela says:

    This is the only truth, working from inside. Nature hasn't given us the capability of dynamizing our body just because. Ask martial arts practitioners. There's no need to destroy bones and muscles, nor tendons and tissues with horrible surgeries on healthy bodies (faces in this case, which is even worse in my opinion), when we can follow someone's lead and receive the directions to make our muscles work and regenerate our tissues in so doing.



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