Effective And Sculpting Exercises For A Double Chin

Posted by John on September 8, 2010
By John Socratous, author of Face Fitness Formula program that has helped over 24,000 people, get chiseled jawline and get rid of their chubby cheeks and double chin without surgery.
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A double chin is not always a problem for people that are over-weight


double-chin-problem It’s a problem for people of normal weight as well.

It can be extremely frustrating, and if you are frustrated I am glad you found this site!

For people who want to lose a double chin, I’d like to explain 2 very effective face exercises you can perform everyday to help you discover how to get rid of a double chin.


These are 2 sample exercises from the Face Fitness Center.

While actual physical exercise like running and biking can sometimes facilitate the loss of the double chin on your face, lots of people still cannot get rid of their chin.

While walking and running everyday is certainly awesome for your overall health and cardiovascular system, so many people still find that no matter how much they exercise they still cannot lose their double chin.

That’s why the exercises we developed are specifically designed for particular areas of the face. Through repeated and consistent use they are very effective at getting rid of that stubborn fat underneath you chin and in your neck area.

Combined with a particular holistic approach to nutrition, as well as some slight lifestyle changes, these face exercises are very effective.





These exercises work the muscles in your face known as the Masseter, Mentalis, Buccinators, and Platysma and solve that problem of how to lose face fat that often baffles many people.

Many of the people I talk to consider plastic surgery as the only alternative to their problem.  When I hear this I urge them to try natural solutions first and see their effectiveness.  In this writer’s eyes, the cost and most especially the dangers of plastic surgery are not worth the benefits.  The thought of surgery gone wrong sends chills to my bones!

Sample Exercises

The first exercise is called ‘The Complete Jaw Release’.

The Complete Jaw Release relaxes your jaws with a gentle stimulating workout to sooth and tone your Masseter and Mentalis muscles in your face.

This exercise is a powerful stress-buster which also goes a long way in helping you to release stress that accumulates during a typical day.  If you ask many yoga enthusiasts and experts, they will tell you that anger, stress and negative emotions builds up in particular areas of your body.

The jaw is certainly one of them, and this exercise helps alleviate that.

To do this exercise:

complete-jaw-releaseStep One: Sit down on a chair, or cross-legged on the floor. Inhale deeply through your nose and chew with your upper and lower jaws.

Now, press your lips together and vibrate the ‘mmmm…’ sound through your nostrils.

Continue to chew with your jaws. Inhale and exhale deeply as you perform this step.


complete-jaw-release-step-2Step Two: Open your mouth wide and vibrate the sound ‘aaahhh’.

Tuck the tip of your tongue behind your lower teeth to relax your jaw even more.

Keep alternating between Step One and Step Two, inhaling and exhaling deeply as you perform this exercise.



The second exercise is called ‘The Jaw Excavator’.

The Jaw Excavator works your Platysma, Mentalis and Buccinators muscles in your face simultaneously to sculpt the flabbiness away from your jaw line.



This exercise also helps to chisel away your sagging jowls, revealing a firmer and more angular you!

To do this exercise:

jaw-excavatorStep One: Press your lips together. Flatten the corners of your mouth against your teeth.

Step Two: Inhale as you pull the corners of your mouth outwards and downwards. Tighten your jaw muscles at the same time to feel the tension in your neck. Hold this position for 5 counts.

Gently exhale as you relax your mouth and jaw muscles.


Remember to take your time while doing these facial exercises.  Do not rush through them like you might see some people rush through their workouts at the gym.  Make this time “you time” and relax. Concentrate on the exercises and think about what they are supposed to be doing.  Visualize this in your mind and breath deeply.

And of course you should be thinking about what you eat, because there are foods you should stay away from.

If you just wonder around my site and/or sign up for my mailing list you will  get some more nice samples of the double chin exercises that we strongly believe in.  These exercises are at the core of our facial exercise beauty and anti-aging programs.

The Face Fitness Center provides many more exercises you can perform to help lose a double chin as well as exercises you can use to help with wrinkles, puffy eyes, chubby cheeks, and much more. There are complete and thorough programs with video demonstrations that are available that can help you with this.


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  1. JennY says:

    Thanks a lot, John, for sharing your facial exercises! GOD bless you for that!!
     I hope, I will be able to download the  Brow Enhancer exercise. There was a problem downloading it.
    Again, from the Philippines: MARAMING SALAMAT PO!

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